Sunday, August 21, 2011



Yeah, I'm far too bored to let it go. I wanna try to make it cool.


Portrait I did of my friend Rush. The signature at the bottom has the initials of my pseudonym and then my first name, "Emelia". I can't find the original picture of him I used as a reference in this, though.
That's my friend Lauren. Ain't she pretty? She always gets the guys. I'm kinda jealous, 'cause I wish I had that same attention. But then again, I have Fritz, and he'd get kinda jealous xD
Although the thought of him fighting another guy for me isn't half-bad.

And that's my friend Tora.

I actually really like drawing, but it's not very often that I get the opportunity/time to make something somewhat decent to look at. However, as I continue to do portraits for my friends, I'm getting better and better.

For example, here's a portrait of a guy I kinda look up to. I didn't want to put in a background, for fear of taking away from his overall appearance. The dark gray actually REALLY makes his hair stand out. The shine/shading I did in this is obviously better than my previous drawings.

And it bothers me how his glasses look so freaking hipster. But they're actually not as annoyingly hipster as they were when I first doodled them on. Compared to before, these look good xD

And I really like how the shine came out on his glasses and on the jacket.

Lauren was telling me earlier that I made him look manlier than he is IRL xD

He's got two other friends that I sorta idolize as well, and I'll be drawing portraits of them later.

I'd also put up one of my drawings of Fritz, but, frankly, none of them are that good. When I'm not backed up on requests I want to draw another one of him, and then upload it.

So, uh, yeah. I'm an artist, guise.

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