Monday, August 22, 2011


So... why don't I update at a more reasonable time?


So today was my friend's birthday party. And it was the GREATEST FREAKING THING, MAN. I haven't seen most of my friends all summer, and I forgot how much fun they can be.

To start things off, a few of us went to Lazer Quest first, and lemme just say that I suck. I mean, I'm terrible, but I love laser tag, nonetheless.

Afterwards we went to his house and played some Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Now, so far it was just four kids. Patrick--the birthday boy--Julianna (or was it Julianne?)--his girlfriend--Daniel (a kid Patrick and I go to school with), and myself. Patrick's girlfriend had no idea what she was doing, at all, really, but she was a great sport and did her best to fight us. Still, she was the first one dead in every round (we had it on survival mode with a stock of 5). Then it was up to me to fight both Daniel and Patrick, so what I usually did was jump and dodge around and not really do anything. I wanted Patrick and Daniel to duke it out first, and then I'd take on whoever was left.

Although, once they figured out what I was doing, both of them started to gang up on me, so I focused on one of them first before tackling the other with Fox.

I don't know what it is, but I can't play any of the other characters. Generally, if Fox is taken, I go for Link, then Meta Knight, and if those guys are taken I'll maybe go for Marth or Ike, but otherwise I'll just set the character selection to random, because either way I'm fucked. I just find Fox easiest for me to control.

Then at about 6, another guest arrived, a girl named Melissa. She's in my P. E. class, and one of my really good friends. So as soon as she walked into the living room I tackled her in a hug.

But the thing is, she's six feet. I'm five feet. So the tackling was more of a run-jump-hug thing.

We all took turns playing Wii Play, and then our other friend Chris showed up. And he's another one of my really good friends, only he's just as tall as Melissa, so I gave him the same running-jump-hug. Then Alyssa arrived with Tim, and I think Sam--and at some point Julianna left, so it was just our group. (Now, Alyssa and Melissa have confusing names, so I often call Melissa "Lizzie".)

Random fact about myself: I have awful stamina. I would not survive very long in a zombie apocalypse solely for the fact that I CAN'T RUN LONG DISTANCES--or even very fast. P. E. was always a bitch for me ;A;

But see, the thing is, I'm actually thin. Fantastic metabolism ftw. (Don't worry, I'm cherishing it while I can, I know it won't last)

So we're all debating whether we want to play soccer or football, and I'm sitting there going, "Oh, shit." Because sports just ain't my thing. I'm bad at football, and I'm actually kind of afraid of soccer (there's been more than one occasion where somebody kicked the ball into my face or my chest). So I said I'd either be referee or just sit out.

Chris and Tim didn't really want to play either, so they sat out with me. And there's something you should know about these guys. They're freaking hilarious. I mean, just imagine two tall, skinny white guys. One, a little skinnier than the other, has kinda curly brown hair, and dresses like a normal teen would--in a t-shirt and whatever pants he finds on the floor. The other has short, dark brown hair that he spikes and wears his asymmetrical leather jacket in the middle of fucking summer (though he was smart enough not to wear it today).

These two guys are like best friends, and every time they talk they bicker like old hens. One day I'll post a screencap of their conversations on Facebook. I swear, everybody loves watching them go back and forth with their insults and sarcastic remarks and general witticism. I wish Facebook had that smiley where the guy's eating popcorn, because that's how hilarious it is.

So, these guys are sitting out, keeping me company, and they start to argue like always. But I decide it's too freaking hot out for them to start messing around and actually have me laugh at it, so I stand up between them, pushing them apart and saying, "Timmy, Timmy--those kinds of comments might be hurtful to Chrissy--Chrissy, are you okay? Is Tim being a buttnugget like he always is?"

They laugh it off and we go back to sitting and watching the game with the other kids. When they switch to football, Tim stands up and jogs over, and Chris yells something about "thanks for ditching us, jerk!" But Tim either ignored it or Chris' complaints went unheard.

So then Chris and I get bored, and we start walking around the park, and find some sports stadium next door. It's just this huge field of grass, but no seats or anything, and there's those really big lights all over the place. There's no field markings or anything to indicate if it's for baseball or soccer or anything. It's whatever, so we decide to go down into it (it's actually at a lower elevation than the park the other kids were at--a steep drop, too).

But then I notice the pillars (not really pillars, actually) around the place, with chains linking them all together, and there's two signs on them that read "CLOSED" on either side.


So we go down the stairs to the grass and just chill out for a bit. It's just Chris and me--and I swear, if anybody says it should be written as "Chris and I", I'll punch that person in the ovaries (but if you're a guy I'll punch you hard enough to turn your jewels into ovaries anyway). We lay down and look at the sky, and I immediately sit back up for two reasons. First, I don't know what's been on that concrete (there's a path in the middle of the field). It's probably covered in semen for all I know. And the second reason is because if I look straight up at the sky, I get really dizzy and feel like I'm about to fall "off" the planet. I don't know, I've always had that weird thing about me.

I look back in the direction of where we walked from, and I still hear the other kids playing football, and I relax, knowing they're still there.

"I wonder if they even notice we're gone."

I snort a little at Chris, and then joke as if I was talking to someone in the group, "I don't know where the fuck  you guys went, we were just chillin' and then you all decide to wander off as you play. I mean, I don't wanna say you ditched us, but you ditched us. Jerks." He laughs, and then we start talking about how we should prank them. So, I screamed at the top of my lungs, and nothing happened. Chris starts screaming, and nothing happens.

sad trolls were sad.

So we're still sitting there, and I glance to one end of the field to the right, and see a guy standing there and staring at us. I got a little freaked out and nudged Chris. We both kinda giggled nervously and made our way out of the field--it did say it was closed :P so maybe that guy was standing there just as a warning that we shouldn't be there. We headed back up, met up with the group, and then we headed back to Patrick's house--along the way getting piggybacks from both Tim and Chris.


My stomach felt bloated at the end of it all xD

So, my parents called me when it was time to go, and then Patrick said he'd walk me out.

And then Alyssa did, along with Lizzie.

And so did Chris, Tim, Sam, and Daniel.

So basically, the whole pack walked me out, because I'm so loved by them all, and I got hugs from all of them before I got into the car (greeted by my parents and dog), and my parents asked if they all had to leave or if they all walked me out. When I answered the latter, they started laughing, saying that they now understand why Fritz can get a little jealous when I'm in mixed company.

We took Radar (our dog) to a dog park and let him run around a bit. I sat with my mom at a bench while my dad stood in the middle of the park, and we took turns calling Radar back and forth so he could run and get his exercise. When we had to leave, something struck me as odd about the place (the more I think on it, I felt like someone was... odd). But I was exhausted, and thought it was probably my tiredness getting to me and not allowing me to think properly.

Got home around half past 8, talked to Fritz, Tim, and Chris, and then they all went to bed. Chris, Tim and I hope so bad we get a class together this year xD if we do, I'm totally gonna bring a camera and record the stupid shit they do.

I'm still really gonna miss snuggling with Fritz on the bus :/ But at least he lives pretty close. This makes me happy. And he can drive, so we can see each other often enough.

Anyways. It's 4:33, and I'm... dead fucking tired xD nighty night, I guess

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