Tuesday, August 23, 2011


So... I've been going cross-eyed at random moments. I'm kinda near-sighted, but often I can go without my glasses. I've also been seeing weird shadows (though I normally start to hallucinate when I'm tired). Is it just that I need more sleep? Or am I gonna have to get glass eyes?


I didn't really do anything today. Went out with the family to a Chinese restaurant. I love Chinese food. No, I don't mean Panda Express. I mean those little, Mom 'n' Pop restaurants owned by a family of Asians who have a thick accent in their speech.

Those are the best Asian cuisine restaurants ever.

But yeah. Just a little family outing with my parents and my sister. Nothing special, but it was family time, and I enjoyed it.

School starts on the 29th. I'm a little nervous, a little excited, and overall... very anxious. These past two years haven't exactly been easy. Part of it was my own laziness, but there were other factors that caused my bad grades as well. This year I'm gonna have to discipline myself a lot.

I'm lazy. I'm argumentative, and stubborn, and I don't know when to hold my tongue. I would much rather be with the people I care about than to sit at a desk for five hours copying down what my instructor drones about and then have to re-write it into a 6-page essay later, when it was only a page and a half's worth of notes.

But I gotta change that attitude. It kills me but I do.

I want to be a writer. It's my passion, and what I absolutely love to do.

I've written one "erotica" story. For being the first one I'd written, it was pretty good and got a lot of amazing feedback. I've got another one in the works, but it's almost done. And then Lauren wants me to write about her and a guy we know xD That's gonna be awkward to write about.

Although I DO have normal stories xD trust me. On the other hand, they're all fanfictions. I haven't written anything... truly original yet. But I want to. In fact, I've got one idea brewing... it's something I've had in mind for a long while. And I do have two chapters written out, but all the characters are real people I know, and that wouldn't do if I plan to ever publish it.

But first--before anything, I'd have to get a typewriter. I can write on my laptop, no doubt, but there's too many distractions with that, and hand-writing something takes far too long. But a typewriter would be so nice to have...

Now, I don't want one of these >:I

No. No. That's ugly.

I want one of these.

Isn't that just gorgeous?

Ohdear. I'm starting to see things out of the corner of my eye again. Only instead of hallucinating about regular ol' shadows, I keep seeing spiders.

I have arachnophobia.

Thanks, brain, for conjuring that image--because I'm totally gonna be able to go to sleep now.

Well, there's really nothing else to say. I'm gonna go work on some story ideas (and probably delete them in the morning when I re-read what "genius" I wrote). Thank you, and good night.

Yes, I'm updating at half-past midnight. It's a miracle!

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